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Who invited the computer mouse?

Who invited the computer mouse?

The computer mouse was invited in the 1960’s but it was until mid-November in 1970 that the idea was patented. The man that seems to take the credit for the invention is Douglas Engelbart but he did get assistance from his good friend Bill English.  The original name for the mouse was "X-Y Position Indicator for a Display System" – which doesn’t quite roll off the tongue like a computer mouse. 


When was the first use of the computer mouse?

The mouse was first used on a Xerox Alto computer system in 1973 but at first, glance did not impress the people at Stanford University. Although Steve Jobs being the clever man he did like the idea when he visited the University. The Mouse started getting its first fame on the Apple Lisa computer – which was named after is  Steve's daughter, there is another bit of trivia that you have learned.  As you can see from the picture the mouse wasn’t exactly user-friendly or ergonomic mouse by today's standards.


Why is computer mouse called a computer mouse?

 computer mouseAlthough the modern day version of the standard computer mouse does resemble a rodent. Douglas obviously had a vivid imagination or could see the future because he stated the original version reminded of a mouse and the name was born. I think we can safely say we are grateful the original name of X-Y Position Indicator for a Display System didn’t stick. Could you imagine having to call the Information Technology department telling them that your X-Y Position Indicator for a Display System is not working?. It’s hard enough explaining that your computer is running slow let alone saying that mouth full.

Is the inventor of the computer mouse rich?

Well much like a lot of thing in history it depends on which version you believe. The story goes that Steve jobs brought the idea to apple and the masses but he stole the idea from Douglass. The originally mouse had three buttons and cost $300. Steve Jobs basically realised that this was a perfect addition to his Apple computer but the price tag was way too high. He took the design to Dean Hovey, who removed two of its buttons and drop the price tag to $15 – must have been very expensive computer mouse buttons. 

To this day Apply computers only use the one mouse button which is a point of frustration for many windows users that just love to right click things on the desktop to get extra options but despite all the feedback apple has refused to change it and I think at this point it’s one of this stubborn things that if you have done this far it way too late to turn back.